We have introduced the integration with Zapier to Rep Kahuna. You are now able to connect Rep Kahuna with the other CRM of your choice and get the contacts either to export to another CRM from Rep Kahuna or to import them in so that you have control of every contact that is recorded elsewhere.


Part 1: Linking Zapier App to Rep Kahuna

Linking the Zapier app is your first step of Integrating Zapier with RepKahuna. 

To start linking your Zapier App, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select the company that you would like to set up the Zapier Integration.

Step 2. Click Setup.

Step 3. Click the Locations tab.

Step 4. Click the name of the company.

Step 5. Click Integrations.  

Step 6. Copy the Zapier Integration API Key and then click Link To App.

Step 7. You will automatically get an invite to connect Rep Kahuna to Zapier. Accept the invite and build the Zap.

Part 2: Setting Up Your Zapier Trigger

Once you have successfully linked your Zapier App to Rep Kahuna, start setting up your Zapier Trigger:

Step 1. To create a Zap, click the Create this Zap button.

Step 2. Set your Triggers. If you would like to send contacts from Rep Kahuna to another CRM of your choice, you will set up the Trigger as a new contact from Rep Kahuna, to do that click Save + Continue.

Step 3. Click Connect a New Account.

Step 4. Paste the Zapier API key you have copied earlier and click Yes, Continue to proceed.

You can also test the API connection first using the Test button. 

Once it returned Success, this means that the API connection was successful, and you are ready to proceed to the next step of the wizard.

Step 5. Click Save + Continue.

Step 6. Fetch your test.

Step 7. Click the view your contact link. 

Step 8. Make sure everything looks good. All that is displayed here will be the information that will be going out to another CRM of your choice. 

Once you are done reviewing all the information, click Continue.

Part 3: Setting Up Your Zapier Action on Google Sheets

 After setting up your Zapier Trigger, the next step is to set up your Zapier Action on Google Sheets:

Step 1. To begin setting up your Zapier Action, click the Your Zap currently lacks an Action step. Add on now! link.

Step 2. Go to the Popular Apps tab and select Google Sheets.

Step 3. Decide what action it needs to do.

In this example, we will be selecting the Create Spreadsheet Row option. This option will add the contact as one of the rows on the spreadsheet. Click Save + Continue to proceed.

Step 4. Test it, and once your test is successful, click Save + Continue.

Step 5. Set your template by selecting the sheet that you want to update and then select the actual sheet that has the information.

Step 6. Once this step is completed, you will be connecting each field on your list. 

Click the Insert a Field icon and make sure to match the corresponding field. Once you are done, click Continue.

Step 7. This information here will be the test for the Google sheets that are going to go in. Click Create & Continue to proceed.

Step 8. Click Finish.

Step 9. Turn On your Zap to activate it.

From this point forward, anybody submitting their information as a contact that goes into Rep Kahuna either through the Feedback Page or the Sign In Form, they will be recorded in the spreadsheet that you have created.

Part 4: Testing Your Google Sheet Zapier Action

To test your Google Sheet Zapier Action, follow these steps:

Step 1. To test if the contact from the Feedback Page will be recorded, from Rep Kahuna, navigate to Build and click the Feedback Page tab. 

Step 2. Click the cogwheel icon on the Feedback Page that you want to fill out and select View.

Step 3. Add your information and click the Leave Us a Review button to submit this record.

Step 4. Go to Google Docs and open the sheet you have added in Zapier. You must see the record that was just added from the Feedback Page.

Part 5: Setting Up Your Zapier Action on MailChimp

To start setting up your Zapier Action on MailChimp, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select MailChimp as your Trigger App. This setup will send the contacts from MailChimp to Rep Kahuna.

Step 2. Select New Subscriber as your MailChimp Trigger and then click Save + Continue.  Any new subscriber will be recorded in Rep Kahuna once you set up this trigger.

Step 3. Test your account settings and then proceed when it is successful.

Step 4. Select the list from which the subscribers are signed up.

Step 5. Fetch your test.

Step 6. Click the view your subscriber link to review the list of your subscribers. 

Step 7. These will be the data that will be sent into the Zapier, if that is okay, click Continue.

Step 8. Select Reputation Kahuna app.

Step 9. The New Contact is added as a new subscriber to MailChimp. Click Save + Continue to proceed.

Step 10. Test your Rep Kahuna account and click Save + Continue.

Step 11. Map up all the entries to make sure that the fields from MailChimp are corresponding to the fields in Rep Kahuna that we are asking.

Step 12. Click Continue.

Step 13. Your contact is going to be created for the test in Rep Kahuna. If that is okay, click Create & Continue.

Step 14. Once it is successfully added, click Finish

Step 15. Type the name of your Zap and then turn it ON.

Part 6: Testing Your MailChimp Zapier Action

One you have successfully completed the MailChimp Zapier Action, follow these steps: 

Step 1. From MailChimp, go to List and add one more subscriber into the list. Click Subscribe.

Step 2. Once your subscriber is added in MailChimp, click the Zaps tab.

Step 3. Expand the MailChimp to RK section

Step 4. Select History. This option will give you the ability to track if your subscriber from MailChimp went in successfully.

It will take up to five minutes for the contact to get transferred into Rep Kahuna.

Step 5.  You will be able to see in the history of Zapier when it worked out.

Step 6. To check if the contact is already recorded in Rep Kahuna, navigate to the Agency Dashboard, and click the Contact CRM tab.

Step 7. You will see that the new contact is added to your contact list.

Step 8. From this point, you can already click Actions and send that contact into the Feedback Page.

When the contact is added to Rep Kahuna through Zapier, it will be automatically added to the Single Contact Campaign by default.

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