Your Rep Videos Dashboard displays all the details related to your Companies and Review Videos. This article will walk you through the different sections of the main dashboard.

To jump to a section that you wish to learn more, choose from the drop-down below:

Active Company Tab

The Active Company tab displays all the active videos you have set up. You can see here all the companies you have added, the Videos that you have created and are scheduled to go out, and all available Actions that you can use for each particular review.

If you have deactivated or deleted a company, you can find them on the Inactive Tab and Deleted Tab, respectively.

Company Name

This column displays all the companies that you have created and set up. These are the local businesses that you work with every single day.

Click the company name to see their full details.

Videos Created

This column displays all the videos you have created in Rep Videos. These videos are sorted into the total videos you created for this month and the overall videos you have made.

Scheduled In Queue

If you want to know how many videos are scheduled for the whole year or just want to see the total videos scheduled for the month, this is the column you need to check.

Videos Found

This column indicates if the business you have added has existing videos on their website or not.

Yearly Calendar

You can also click the Calendar icon to check the Review Schedule of when that video will be going out. This schedule will show you the 12 Months Video Schedule that gives you a visual of all the videos scheduled for the upcoming 12 months for the merchant that you are currently setting up.

The 12 Months Video Schedule gives you a visual of all the scheduled videos for the upcoming 12 months. You will see your current monthly allocation here, and it lets you quickly add a review online by setting an Online Review, Adding A Text Review, or adding a Video Review.


Under this column are the available Actions that you can use for each of our reviews. You can view the scheduled Reviews, Deactivate a Review, Delete a Review, and check if the report is verified. A verified account means that your account is in good standing, and the account is set up to accept custom thumbnails.

Your video uploads may fail until you have verified that your account settings are correct.

Here are the different Actions that you can use for your Active Companies:

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