The Corporate tab displays the important information about the company, decision maker, and marketing manager that you have set up using our Wizard.

To jump to a section that you wish to learn more, select from the drop-down below:  


Company Information

This area is where your Company Branding and Marketing Information are displayed. Any of this information can be updated at any time.

Selecting the HIPAA Compliance option will only include the first letter of the surname when we broadcast to a website, social, and video sites.

E.g: Josh S.

If you do not want a user that you will be creating to receive an automated email from the system with their credentials, select this option. 

From the user’s section, you can click Send User Credentials to trigger such an email.

Decision Maker

This section displays all the information about the Company’s Decision Maker you have set up.

Marketing Manager

This section displays all the information about the Company’s Marketing Manager. Again, you can update this information if needed.

If the Decision Maker and Marketing Manager is the same person, click the Same button when you are updating the information on the Company Setup page.

Remember, always click the Save button to save the changes you have created before going to another page.

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