When you upload your contacts into Prospect Rocket, the system automatically list how many duplicates are there in that file. You also have the ability to see the actual contact that is a duplicate and it is automatically filtered out and will not be added into your campaign.

πŸ›ˆ The wizard will display the total contacts you have imported and it also displays the number of contacts with missing required fields. These contacts are without company name, phone, email and can not be imported until you complete all the required fields.


πŸ’‘ To see the actual duplicate contact, follow these steps:

  1. Β From Contact Import Wizard Step 3, click Show Duplicates.


2. This is the window where are able to see the actual duplicates in your list. If you need to add a particular contact, uncheck the corresponding checkbox of the contact that you want to remove from the filter. Once done, hit Save.


3. This contact will now be removed from the filtered contacts and is going to be added into your campaign.


πŸ›ˆ You can select a tag to apply on this duplicate if you need to. Simply click on the Tags Applied To Duplicates and select a tag from the drop-down list.


Updating The Information Of A Contact

If you are importing your contacts, and they are already in the system, you have the option to update the information on that contact. There are two ways on how you can do that:

  1. Update Missing Fields - If there are some information on the contact record in your system that is missing but it is in the spreadsheet you just imported, it will update those missing fields and put the information from the spreadsheet into the missing field of the contact record.


  1. Update All Fields - This will find that contact record in your system and update all of the details about it to match what is in this newly imported spreadsheet that you just brought in.


πŸ›ˆ You can also decide not to update your duplicate contacts by not making a selection.