There are several reasons that your campaign may pause or stop in the middle of sending. In this article we will cover some common steps you can take to troubleshoot why your campaign may have stopped:

  1. You have hit your daily sending limit. Based on the amount of emails you have set up in your Marketing tab, you have a “Daily Sending Limit.” This is the total amount of emails you can send per day based on what you set in your email creation.

    If you are at your daily sending limit, your campaigns will stop running until we have the ability to send again from those email accounts who have hit their limit (This can cause a delay up to 24 hours).

    To remedy this you need to add more emails to support the volume of email required for your campaign. To do this navigate to the settings section then to the email tab. From there you can add new marketing emails.

  2. Your drip rate is set to high. There is a time out function on campaigns that are taking too long to send. This is caused by not having enough emails to support the volume of your campaign or the drip rate being set to high to support the volume of your campaign.

    Keep in mind that email campaigns are completed by using all emails that are available on your account. For example, if you have a email touch going out to 12 contacts and you have two email accounts set up, each email will send 6 of the emails at the same time. If the drip rate is set to 10 seconds per email. This campaign would complete in 60 seconds.

    For the same example, if you had three emails set up, each email would send 4 emails. With the same drip rates this would take the campaign time down to 40 seconds.

    This is a simple example. But, you can see how times will get to be significantly higher with campaigns to 500, 1000, or even more contacts.

    While you may be able to cover the sending limits, you need to have enough emails to get the campaign out in a reasonable time.

    If the campaign takes more than a few hours to send a single touch, it will be paused by the system. In these cases we will send you a message via intercom to let you know.

    To avoid this, make sure you have several emails set up and a drip rate between 3-10 seconds on your emails to ensure they go out quickly and there is no delay in your campaigns or the email delivery.