Funnel Pages counts visitors in this way:

When a user comes to the page from their desktop, their desktop computer has its own unique IP address. On that day, their desktop gets 1 count for a page visit.

If they visit in that same day from their mobile device, it will also have its own unique IP Address and that will also get its own 1 count. So for the day there were 2 unique visitors.

If the user comes back from either device the count will stay at 2. If the user comes back from either device, the count will increase by one for that device.

To summarize, we only count a unique IP Address once per day.

Because robot traffic will also be counted, if your page is indexed and it has traffic running to it or it has run in the past, your page visits will be higher because the internet is aware of your site which will include both robot traffic and real person traffic.

In addition, there will be a variation in analytics between, Google Analytics, Traffic Fuel and Funnel Pages. This is because of the way each one determines what is traffic. The best way to read the reports in Funnel Pages is based on an understanding of what is going on with your funnel and what type of traffic may be coming to it.