In this article, we will talk about the reasons why your social media channels can get disconnected. 

Occasionally, a profile connected to Bright Social Business account will become disconnected and require a reconnect. It would normally happen due to social networks security policies, and not because of an issue with the social media connection for the business in your Bright Social account.

There are a few common reasons for frequent disconnections:

When a profile is disconnected, Bright Social won't be able to retrieve information about it. Any posts scheduled to be posted on the social media network (including those previously scheduled or queued), and reporting for the profile will be impacted.

To make sure you don't lose momentum with posting and don't miss on your posting goals, it is important to reconnect Bright Social with the social network that got disconnected as soon as possible. We will inform you with an email and the in-software notification to the Agency Owner.

To reauthorize a profile, click Business > Settings > Social Set up > Click Social Media . Under normal circumstances, it would suffice. However, in certain cases, it would be important to refresh the integration with the Social Media Account. 

While the reasons listed at the top of the article are the most common causes of profile disconnection, some networks have different requirements or API limitations that can cause more frequent disconnects. If you're not sure about which account you're currently logged in to, please log out from your account natively and Bright Social will then prompt you to log in, ensuring you're attempting the correct account.

Usually, Social Media channels would require profile reauthorization every 60 days. 

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