Adding your White Label domain allows you to further brand your domain. White Labeling is the process of putting your domain on an Ad Viddy Landing Page's URL. Complete the following steps to quickly add your White Label domain: 

  1. From the Dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Click White Label.
  3. Select your domain provider and type.
  4. Add an A Record at your domain provider account. For help, click Play Help Video to get instructions how to achieve that or take the A record or CNAME record and reach your Domain Provider Support asking them to set it up for you on your domain. 
  5. Type your domain once your prefered record has been installed on the domain you have. 
    Do not use http://www in your domain.
  6. Click +Add
  7. Click the Star icon ()  to default this site into one of your Landing Pages. When you default a page, users will go directly to your White Label Domain.