In this article, we will talk about the ways to track the deliverables on your monthly posting goals.

Complete the following steps track your goals for each business:

Step 1. Click Business from the sidebar and select a business from the list of active businesses.

Step 2. Click the Content Schedule tab.

Step 3. Click a tab to switch views. 

You can view a business's Posting Schedule in both Calendar and Agenda view. 

Step 4. To view the posts that have already been posted, click the Posted Log tab.

Step 5. Navigate to the Summary tab, which is where your posting goals and actual posts are found. 

Your actual posts are the second line of numbers. Your monthly posting goal is the first line of numbers. Read each set of numbers to compare them. 

Step 6. You can also compare your posting goals with your actual posts by clicking Posting Schedule from the sidebar. 

You can also set up your Monthly Goals notifications in the Business Set up. 

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