The difference between Review Pops and Website Widgets inside Rep kahuna: 

Review pop - is a lead generation strategy 

Website Widgets inside of Rep Kahuna - Upsell Strategy 

Goal - Give away review pops to get leads for upsells into full reputation marketing services (provided by rep kahuna) 

Review pop - Only shows 5-star reviews from Google my Business 

Website Widgets inside of Rep Kahuna - can show feedback collected actively through request campaigns submitted through feedback pages, or collected from various directories 

Review Pop - Only displays a Review popup or Rating Popup 

Website Widget inside of Rep Kahuna - Includes Review Popup and Rating pop up as well as Video Popup, Onpage widget options like Sidebar widget with and without videos, Block widgets with or without videos, trailing review sheet with and without pages, more design options, and more customizations. 

Review pop - unlimited businesses set up with unlimited subscription 

Website widgets inside of Rep Kahuna - 15 locations available