What Are Social Covers?

Social media cover is a photo showing at the top of business a social media page.  


The Social Cover can be used as a way to communicate with your audience, to highlight your client's reputation, announce events, special offers, greet the audience for various holidays, and much more. The business audience can’t neglect it for many reasons. First off, because it is the first thing they see when they visit the business profile page. And also it will ALWAYS show in all of the followers' feed since it's a part of the profile information and a part of branding that will always be shared with everyone who follows the page and is not a matter of the social media posting algorithm. 

Social covers are a great introduction to business and 72% of Social Media Page visitors expressed the idea that they paid attention to the cover image and there are more likely to get back to a page that left a great first impression. 

Social media covers have been trending for a few years now, all the popular social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc. have integrated it to help users in sharing more information and make social media more informational and engaging.  Social Media covers are an important part of the branding tools businesses can utilize for their benefit!

Example: Facebook Social Cover

Example: YouTube Channel Art

Why do I need Social Covers Software?

In 2016, 78% of Americans had at least one social media profile, and this number continues to grow. As many as 90% of young adults use social media daily. Social media is not only for social interaction and entertainment but also for finding information about products, services, as well as staying current with events and promotions.

The value of a great presence on social media networks enhances your ability to promote your brand and reputation. With the help of Social Covers, it’s easy to create sets of perfectly designed Social Covers for your customers. The Covers are sized for various devices and ready to be uploaded to multiple social media networks. Social Covers can also be automated to give you the ability to set up an automated update schedule.

Unlike ads, Social Covers don’t create traffic, but help engage users, create valuable content, and are highly customizable. You can post any message on Social Covers, such as discounts, ongoing promotions, 5-star ratings, reviews, or other forms of positive feedback from your loyal customers.

When offered for free, Social Covers create a strong trust-trigger to open doors for sales with a more robust reputation and traffic services.

The following image is an example of a Social Cover created with the help the Social 

Covers Software:

Example: Social Cover Set 

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