Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Logging In your Expose Account and Completing Your Agency Details
III. Learning Your Knowledgebase
IV. Finding Help and Support

I. Introduction

In this video, we will cover the first steps of understanding your way around Expose. 

II. Logging In your Expose Account and Completing Your Agency Details 

First, you will learn how to find your Expose Subscription by logging in to your Members area:

Then we will introduce you to the Welcome Wizard set up: 

Step 1: Enter your Agency Details

Step 2: Set up your Notifications 

Step 3: Set up your Branding

Step 4: Set up your Custom Domain

Once you set up your Agency, you'll learn more about your Agency Settings

III. Learning Your Knowledgebase 

You will also learn your Knowledgebase, and where to find the important items to get started with your Expose Success: 

Resource Orientation - Your walkthrough important resources for your Expose setup

Quick Start Coaching - Your Strategy Session with first steps into Expose  Sales

How to Land New Customers - Your Prospecting and Marketing Strategies to take your business from zero to hero!

Masterclass Training Series - Your In-Depth overview of the Sales process, Sales Automation, and Business Growth Strategies - TBD, a notification will be sent to your email with the specific details for the schedule! 

Expose Bonuses - Your bonuses you received as a part of your Expose Subscription

UK Business Consultant Example 

Executive Coaching Example

Lawyer Example

Construction Example

Restoration Example

Flooring Contractor Example

Electrician Example

Audiology Example

Financial Expert Example

IV. Finding Help and Support 

You will also learn where to find help when you need it! 

Support Team:

Open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Email your questions to 

 Friday Live: 

Submit your questions: 

Paid 1-on-1 Support: 

Book a call at

Get Support in Social Inner Circle:

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