Voice Scripts


Hi this is Thomas Epp , I'm a local business analyst. I have a Austin business report that was sent to me with the information from Airport Dental Care.  

I'm assuming you requested it because there we a few unique things that showed up in the report that I think a  should really take a look at.

Did you review the report yet?

[No I Didn't Review It / I Have NO Idea What Your Talking About]

Oh, Ok... I'll send it to you real quick.

Let me confirm your email: web-aomcv@mail-tester.com



Ok.. I just sent it to you. So can you check for it, and

while your checking... Let me tell you....


I think you'll be pretty excited about what your going to see, because it shows you exactly how to get in front of more customers.


Do you have it yet?

Do Whatever You Need To Do To Get The REPORT It In Front Of Them Ex: Screen share, Resend Ect.


[Yes I Did See It]

Good, you know as an analyst and consultant I get to see a lot

of these reports from different industries. I'M CURIOUS...


    GOAL: To Get 3 Problems And Write Them In The Notes On The RIGHT >>>

   PROBLEM: Each Problem Is A Specific Product You Can Sell                     

1."What Surprised You About What You Saw In The Report?"

  1. What Else Surprised You About....

   - Your directory Listings...

   - Your Visibility Score...

   - Number Of reviews in the last 6 Months....

3  Anything Else That Was Surprising To You?


[Nothing Really Surprised Me / I'm Not Really Interested]

Do you know what surprised me the most?

Finish up with 1, 2 or all 3 surprises to get 3 different problems / products to sell

Ex. 1: Number Of Missing Reviews..Kind Of Looks Like Your Not Even In Business

Ex. 2. Amount Of Missing  Listings..1000's Of Customers Aren't Seeing You

Ex: 3. Reviews In The Last 6 Months.. How Many Customers Per Month?

Ex: 4. Videos That Aren't Showing ... STAT: 96% Say Video Helps Them Decide

Ex: 5: The Negative Reviews:  You =Need More Reviews To Burry These Reviews

Ex: 6: Amount Of Inaccurate Business Info:... Customers Can't Contact You    


Once You Have 3 Services You've Identified then Say The Closing...


[Closing... Do Not List More Than 3 Services]

You can solve each one of these problem pretty quickly with:

  1. A Simple Citation Service ... To Get All Your Listing Correct
  2. A New Video Beta Program ... That Position You As A Market Leader In 48 Hours.
  3. An Easy Monitoring Service .... That Sends Alerts Every time A New Review Shows Up Online
  4. A Reputation Builder .... So You Can Get 5 Star Reviews In As Little As 5 Days


And having any one of these services done will make sure that you are



Which One That I Mentioned Interests You The Most??


Discussing The One They Are Interested And Close The Sale

And Live Happily Ever After :)