This article will help you understand the data in Lead Kahuna. 

Principle: Understanding Lead Data. 

How do I Understand the Data From Lead Kahuna? 

Lead Kahuna is built on a very specific step-by-step psychological system. Lead Kahuna is much more efficient than manual searching. Lead Kahuna takes between 30 and 40 seconds to find information about each Lead. Manual searching would take between 45 minutes and 3 hours per Lead. 

Complete the following steps to understand the data in Lead Kahuna: 

  1. From the Main Dashboard, click Local Leads.

  2. Enter your keyword, which is your niche.
  3. Enter a city and region or state.
  4. Ensure that SEO and social media are checked.
  5. Click Find Leads.
  6. Navigate to the Google+ section of Lead Kahuna.
  7. Decide how you are going to market this data.
    💡 You can market this data based on the Lead's Google, Google+, or Maps data. 
  8. Navigate the Website Details section of Lead Kahuna.
  9. See if which Leads do not have a mobile optimized site.
    💡 Between 30 and 40 percent of all local searches are done from a mobile phone. You can use this fact to sell your web development services.
  10. Filter the data to find the exact Leads that you are looking for.
    💡 Click here to learn more about filtering within Lead Kahuna.

  11. Export Leads to engage in email, postcard, and letter marketing without having leave Lead Kahuna.
    💡 Click here to learn more about exporting Leads in Lead Kahuna.

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