“What is A2P 10DLC?”

When sending SMS and MMS messages from an automated platform to a person you are utilizing the A2P 10DLC system. All text SMS and MMS messages sent from Bright Social are sent via Twilio and therefore utilize this system. 

To find out more about the Twilio and A2P 10DLC review their information here: 


“Why does it matter?”

Mobile carriers are now requiring businesses to register to use the A2P 10DLC system and ensure deliverability to users. 

“Do I need to register?” 

Ultimately, you will need to register your business to ensure deliverability on the carriers and to remain compliant with their standards. Twilio has several options available for registration, however, most Bright Social users will be able to utilize the “Starter Brand” registration option (For users sending less than 3000 messages per day).

For more information on the Starter Brand registration, see Twilio's article: https://www.twilio.com/blog/a2p-10dlc-isv-starter-brands

“How Do I Register?”

To register your business for the A2P 10DLC system, review Twilio documentation to begin registration: 


Alternatively, you can begin the process and review more information directly from the “Trust Hub” in your Twilio dashboard.