The Training Center lets you see at a glance how your customer's staff are performing with the training you have given them in the Training Center. They are graded on their performance, and you can send that information to the company's Manager or Decision Maker.


We have highlighted the different sections of the Training Center:

Training Center Link

The Training Center link is the URL link that you can send to the Decision Maker or Marketing Manager, or whoever is your point of contact for this particular merchant.

They will be getting a Training Center, all set up and ready to go. The training is already in there, everything is custom branded for them and they will want their staff to go through this. They can send this out through email or depending on their preferences.

It is crucial that the staff understand the importance of Reputation Marketing and that you are one customer away from a negative Online Reputation online.

So basically, the Training Center is designed to coach, walk them through a series of video training and then offer them a short quiz at the end.

Training Center Results

The results are tracked like who took the quiz and their performance on the first and second quiz. You also have three different actions to choose from:

Training Center Setup

The Training Center Setup offers you different options like:

So grab your Training Center link and send them out and start watching the results come in as staffs learn the importance of Reputation Marketing!

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