Release And Hotfix Notes:

March 16th 2023
-Updated the Allocatable calculation and available balance labels to make it more clear where camapign money is allocated and how much is available for new campaigns.

January 18th 2023
-Fixed an issue where text colors were not able to be changed on Landing page boxes. (#329437, #331014)

January 6th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the background image on page headers did display correctly on the Brave browser. (#327256)

December 5th 2022
-Released an update the business and agency settings UI to make it better reflect and follow the settings in other tools. 

September 22nd 2022
-Released a daily budget monitor that will pause campaigns automatically if there is insuffient funds

May 10th 2022
-Fixed some typos and verbiage on the retargeting course Certificate and website.