The Request Campaign allows you to import your contacts. From that, we follow up with your clients and customers for you to get fantastic instant feedback. Through this, you will be getting excellent reviews that will build your Online Reputation.  

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Request Campaigns Tab

The Request Campaign Tab displays all the Request Campaigns that you have set up and created. In this section, you can see, at a glance, the necessary details about a campaign. 

You can also manage a campaign here using these different actions such as Edit, Pause, Duplicate, and Delete.

Request Analytics Tab

The Request Analytics tab gives you an insight into the performance of your Email and SMS Request with Analytics and Reporting features.

Email Request Campaign

The Email Request Campaign Analytics displays all the essential details about your Email Campaign. 

It shows the total contacts included in the campaign, how many emails bounced back, how many were delivered, and a lot of details that will let you know how well your campaign is working.

SMS Request Campaign

The SMS Request Campaign Analytics is similar to your Email Request Analytics except that it all displays all the essential information about your SMS Campaign that went out.

Email Request Campaign Summary

This summary tracks all the individual Email Requests you have sent out based on Opens, Clicks, and Feedback.

SMS Request Campaign Summary

This summary tracks all the individual SMS Requests you have sent out based on Opens, Clicks, and Recommendations.

SMS Directory App Analysis

This analysis provides you with the overall percentage of the feedback that was left on the sites (directory) that you have set up. 

Aside from the total percentage, you can also see the number of campaigns sent to each site. 

New Campaign

To set up and send a new Request Campaign, click the Create a Campaign button.

If you want to learn more about how to send a request campaign to multiple contacts, read this article. Need to send a request campaign to an individual only? Click this link.

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