We specifically designed and customized our CRM for your business so that you can manage your Online Reviews and Feedback that you are getting from customers. Our goal is for you to get more customers by building an incredible 5 Star Reputation online.

Our CRM is going to help you dominate the Market Place and be able to grow your business if you use tools effectively.

Online Review Summary

An Online Review Summary is a review summary that has been left by a customer to online places like Yelp, Google, or Citysearch. What we have done in this first box is we actually aggregated all the reviews we have found online and then average them all for you.

Feedback Summary

Feedback Summary is the summary that is left on a Feedback Page. This section displays the Total Feedback and overall Feedback Rating you have got online.

Trends Review

The Trends Review is a graphical representation of the Feedback Pages, the Feedback itself, and the Reviews that came in. Through a line graph, you can quickly identify how your campaign is performing.

You can see that we had a direct relationship with people who go to the Feedback Page and leave feedback. Our proprietary system will forward them to a directory of their choice where they can leave that 5-Star Review online.

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