The Website Marketing tab gives you the ability to stream reviews and feedback on your website. You can create multiple locations to stream your reviews and feedback, as well as see the website review trends of a company you are working with. This section also lets you see the different Website URLs created for this company and the ability to edit them.

You can jump to a section that you wish to learn more from the drop-down:

Website Review Marketing

The Website Review Marketing displays the total number of people who viewed the Streaming Reviews on your site.

The Website Review Trends gives you a brief graph of how each of the company's website is performing.

You can see that this correlates with the green and orange keys. The green key is the Testimonial Page, while the orange key is the Home Page. 

Website Marketing Table

The Website Marketing Table shows all the details and corresponding actions into all of your Website Marketing URLs.


The keys correlate with the Website Review Trends graph to help you view the actual performance of Site Views on your site.

Website URL

These URLs are connected with Website URLs, which can be a Testimonial Page or a Home Page.


This column identifies what kind of website URL you’ve connected to your site.


The connected column indicates that a Stream Review Code has been installed and received at least one view, thus labeled as Active. If you do not see it on the website you have entered, then it will show up as Inactive.

Active Elements

The Active Elements gives you three different types of Streaming Reviews that you could create:

1. Streaming Reviews - This element is the actual Review themselves.

2. Video Review - This element gives you the ability to add-in a Video Review.

3. Widget - An inviting Widget that asks people to leave feedback on the Feedback Page.

You can also combine all three elements on a single Website URL.


This column displays the actual total individual View counts.


The Actions column gives you the ability to copy the code of the Streaming Review, Edit, or Delete a connected Website URL.

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