Here are some tips to improve your AI Generated Voiceovers: 

-You can add hyphens and commas to add a natural pause between words. Note: to remove unnatural pauses, you can remove hyphens in between words in a sentence.

-Try to add a space between acronyms is they are not being pronounced correctly

-You can add a hyphen (-) at the end of a sentence to add space and fix any audio cut offs at the end of a frame. 

-If words in the frame are getting repeated in the audio, make a small modification in the text and then create the voice over again by hitting preview on the frame or video. Your modification can be as small as adding or removing a comma ( , ) a semicolon ( ; ) or just adding a hyphen ( - ) at the end of the sentence.

-Break down large paragraphs into smaller sentences to avoid the repetition of words.