Center Position Yourself

This is simply centering yourself in the frame. So when you got a camera on you, you wanna make sure that you’re framed in the center and then you wanna do is take two fingers and put them over your head so that these two fingers are literally the space above your head until the top of the frame. In the bottom of the frame, you want the top of your ribs in it calling this a “Rib Frame Shot” because it got your ribs in it.

Use White/Black Cloth Background

You wanna make sure that you’ve got either a White or Black background. It’s hard to find really good space but what’s easy to do is to take you chair, put about 2 feet away from the wall and then put your laptop with your camera in front of it and then just video yourself.

No Background Distractions/Perceptions

You can actually have any type of background that you want but it’s really important that there’s no background distraction. We filmed a lot of CEOs and it is important to understand that even in their office there could be a lot of distracting things. Even people moving back and forth to the background or even stacks of paperwork could be distraction for people not listening directly to you. So the simplest thing is just to put a chair up against the back wall and take a great shot so there’s no distraction and everybody is focused on you.

Camera Should Be Eye Level

We want to give the people who are watching the video the experience that they are in the room with you, that they’re having a conversation with you and listening to you. There are a lot of times that interviews get done and they looking down the camera or up with the camera and that just doesn’t make you look good at all. You wanna make sure that if you got a camera on your laptop, simply put something in your laptop and raise it up. If you have  third-party plugin camera that you’re using that you have some type of small tripod that sits on your desk that you can raise it to about eye level.

Use A Front Light and No Headsets

Use some type of lighting in the room. Typically in an office, you have lots of lightnings so lightings gonna be perfect fine. But if you’re in a darker office and you got low lighting, you need a light in front of you. What we do to make it super easy is grab a light from the office depot or your local office supplies store so you can have a little bit of light reflecting on you.

These tips will surely gonna help you look like a Rock Star and make sure that you look like a Pro when you have your interview video.