Part 2: Technical Sign Off

Start Time: 40:48

End Time: 01:02:53

Okay, I want to welcome you to our Technical Sign Off. 

First of all, what we'll do is a review of ads, approve for technical accuracy. And then we'll show you Retargeting Strategy and give you a step by step strategy for phones in visitors to get more customers. 

And then I'd like to give you a survey. Just to give you some feedback on your experience, what you thought about the education. 

So now we've created 22 different sizes for you. So that you'll be able to use these ads anywhere online. CNN, Facebook, YouTube, BusinessWeek, TripAdvisor, mobile, you name it. It's all gonna be there for you to be able to use for years to come. 

So let's review your ad. Because we did 3 professional ad designs. We also..  which is also over 69 different sizes. 

We set up your Retargeting Pixel. And we set up your rotation of ads on your website for the next 90 days. 

So that's over $3000 worth of services. 

So we'll take a look at your ads now. 

And during this time, you'll want to spend off 5 minutes going through the ads. You're gonna love them. 

If there's any issues, major issues... you say, "Okay I'll note that." Just say, "Okay, I'll note that... Okay, I'll note that." Right, do not promise you're gonna redo them. Just say you'll note it. Because people naturally want to give you objections. right? It's business owners, doctors, they're kind of know-it-alls, right? They're not know-it-alls if they're working for somebody. 

So, they want to give some type of input. No one's gonna say, "Yes, they're amazing!" "Oh, it's awesome!" "You're the best designer I find!" "I just can't imagine how much work you put in this..." You're not gonna get anything like that. Alright. If it's simply gonna be, "Well, I like this color or what about this picture.. " Say, "Okay I'll note that... Okay, I'll note that." 

And so, let's now go back to the script. 

So last time we talked about PPC vs. Digital Display. And we talked about how PPC, you pay per click versus Digital Ads, you actually pay for placement. 

And you can pay $20-80 for really one click on PPC versus Digital Ads based on the cost of impression. 

And I think this is important because this is a brand new way that you can start marketing your business. That in the past, most businesses could never afford.

And one of the problems of PPC is that there's no branding or ability to follow up to people that can actually click on your ad. As opposed to long term branding, where you can follow up with visitors based on their level of engagement. 

Now, this is powerful because even if someone does PPC, they can also do retargeting. So they can actually lower their PPC cost because of the fact that they're spending... let's say they're spending $50 a click. And then the impression ends up coming back to their site, based on retargeting. They did... 

So all the clicks that you're losing 'coz no one actually converts, you can use retargeting to get them to convert. 

So PPC's great but PPC and Digital Ad Display is even better. So you can actually do Digital Ad Display all by itself or you can buy it with PPC for 1-2 knockout punches to really skyrocket your marketing. 

So this is why every business needs to be doing Digital Display Ads. 

Now there are 2 Types of Marketing we talked about before. 

And I just want to reiterate because we covered a lot of information last time. 

One is retargeting where we go to someone's website or someone comes to your website, we drop a pixel. We capture that. And then we actually market that visitor on another site that they go to for the next 1,2 or even 3 months until they're ready to  buy. 

First is, Cold Ad Traffic which is driving new customers to your door. That you can actually place the ad that we created for you on different sites that interest them. 

Then you can market to everyone that visits that site and you can base it on people that are in your city or a specific city that you want to market to. 

And then you can even use the same ads that we gave you to split-test so you can see which one actually converts better. 

Now, remember what I told you we did some research on how companies are using these strategies. And what we found out was incredible. 

That companies are actually spending more money on digital ads today including your competition than they are on TV. 

And we've seen nothing but huge growth and more, more companies each and every year doubling, tripling their budget. And more and more businesses are getting into using digital ads. 

And we found the best type of ads. Remember when we talked about Reputation Ads and why we create all these Rep Ads for you? ... Is because when people go online, they're looking for the most reputable company to do business with. And really, the definition of reputation marketing is taking your 5 star reputation and marketing it, to get more customers. And I gave you this example of one of the ads that we created. That was the highest converting ad. 

Now, the idea was simple as I mentioned before. 

One, is that we want to make this incredibly cost-effective for companies like you. 

Two, allow businesses to retarget all their visitors so they can really maximize their marketing. 

Three, help businesses market their 5 Star reputation. 

And that's what the Beta program is all about. 

So we're super excited that you're here. And you're taking part of Beta. 

So what I wanna do is show you something, that we typically do not allow companies to know. Because it's our secret sauce on how we convert more customers for their businesses. 

So I want to show you the strategy. Let me give it to you. It's part of our Retargeting Beta Program. 

Now let me ask you before we begin. I'm curious, do you know how many visitors get to your website each month?

Also, what do you think is the average yearly revenue per customer is for your business?

Now, why am I asking these questions. Let me step out of the script for a second. Why am I asking these questions? 

Because it's important to know that if we just turn one of those visitors, one of those 96% that they lost. Just 1 and how much it's worth. Because what I wanna do is ask them questions. 

And they're gonna answer them. And you never met a person that didn't like their own idea. So put one in the chat box if you can guarantee me that you will always ask these questions and never skip this slide. 

This is the difference between Total Success and Total Struggle. Because you need to know approximately how many visitors. 

And if they don't know, they can guess. Is it about a hundred, 200? Even if it's a hundred, it's perfectly fine. Because that means 96 people did not contact them. 

And I'll ask them.. So out of 96 if we follow up with them, with a really good offer, show them how the most reputable companies do business with. What if we just got 1? That'll be an extra 2 grand wouldn't it?

What if you got 5? Imagine that. 

So this is why we go through this slide. This is only the transition slide. 

So I want to mention that everything we did before, was just a recap. Remember that we're warming up back to this idea. 

And we just show them the ads and we're warming them up, getting their mindset back into it. And now, we're ready to sell. We've done all these for this one moment. 

So don't screw it up okay? hehe.

So alright, here we go back to the script. 

Now, let me share with you our Retargeting Strategy. 

Remember, when someone visits a website, we capture 100% of the visitors and we can market them on other sites. And we follow up until 90 days until they buy. 

Well the problem is... and this is why retargeting doesn't work for most businesses. Every visitor is a potential buyer from today up until about 90 days from now. 

But there's nowhere telling who's who. But we do know that they've fallen into 1 of 3 categories. 

One is, they came to your site looking for a good deal. They didn't find it and they left. 

Two is, they're looking for a reputable company. And they didn't find the type of reviews, and the social proof that was needed so they left. 

Or three, they're looking for a very specific product or service. They came to your site, they couldn't find it, and they left. 

Now some people are looking for all 3. Some are looking for just 1. And some are looking for 2 out of 3. But we know that they always fall in one of these 3 categories. 

And so, here's the secret that your competition doesn't know yet. You can literally ten times your results if you will target each buyer for 90 days. and switch up your messaging and get rid of banner blindness. 

So what we want to do is we just don't solve just 1 message in front of them which is what 90% of all businesses do. When they do retarget, they put 1 ad in front of them. And they see the ad once, twice, three times and they don't see it anymore. It's called banner blindness. It's a rogue phenomenon that happens online. 

And so number two is that, that banner did not speak to the message of why they left your site to begin with. So how do we expect when they leave your site, for the reason that they didn't find what they're looking for and we're giving them an ad that doesn't give a reason for them to come back. 

So we got to speak their language to what they're looking for and that's why we need to switch up the messaging. 

So let me introduce you to what we call the 10X Retargeting Funnel. 

See when they first come to your site. We literally have 3 days or 72 hours to capture their attention. So the first thing that you want to do is give them a really good offer. 

And then after 72 hours, if they're not responding to that offer, we need to show them that you're the most reputable company to do business with. 

Now, once you have shown him a Rep Ad and he generally responded, then we need to show them another free offer ad. 

And then by the second week if they're yet to respond, what we want to do is follow up with them but then reiterate that you are a reputable company. That people have a great experience with you. 

By Day 20 to 25, we want to show them other types of different services that you offer. So they can see that you have a comprehensive offering. And more importantly, maybe they were looking for 1 product or service but they didn't find it. But we now show them other products or services you have is the reason to come back. 

And we repeat the psychology over and over and over 10x for the next 90 days. 

Can you see the difference from here... as opposed to giving 1 ad versus 10 different ads. 

Now, let me give you some industry numbers. 

Now let me step off the script for a second. 

This is where you will input all the different case studies that Traffic Tool has. 

So if you're inside the Traffic Tool and we give you access. We also have access. But the case studies are for members only. So we're gonna give you a case study here. But at this point in time, based on the industry. If we have an industry case study that relates to that industry, this is where you're gonna insert it. 

Does that make sense? Say one in the chat box if you get that. Okay...

So I talked to some HVAC company.. this is great. So now, you can talk to a dentist, a doctor or an attorney and still use the HVAC example, right? It's just a case study example. But in this case, you know you could be relatively close and it will help for them to have some understanding that you have worked with people in their industry, to get that confidence to know that you know what they're doing. 

But it's not necessary. So please don't put a support ticket saying, "Well, do you have this? Can you give me this?" 

You have everything you have if you're in our Traffic Tool as a member. We have those case studies in there. If you're not, you need to get in to get them. 

But for right now, don't worry about fulfilling. Don't worry about anything else. We're focused on sales, right? This is a sales training. 

So let me get back to the script. So let me show you what the result of this actually is.. coz we worked with a.. HVAC company. That this is the exact same strategy. 

And they were doing PPC and really struggled. And they were actually doing Display Ads and really struggling. 

So let me show you a little about the industry. 

So Cold Ad traffic click thrus are about 0.06%.

Retargeted Display Average in this industry is 0.6%. 

Now for 1 click... One visitor. It can be between $22-$51 per click. So that means if someone types AC service or Air Conditioning or Air Conditioning Repair. When they click and go to your site, that'll be $51. Fifty-one dollars. Fifty-one dollars. 

So you can see here, for 10,000 impressions, we'll only get 6 clicks on Cold Display Ads based on the national average. Or you can get 60 in Retargeting. So let's see what happens when we implement the 10x Retargeting Funnel. 

Literally, in 27 days, we didn't even get to three thousand per.. errr. ten thousand impressions. We ended with thirty-eight hundred impressions with 49 clicks. 49 people we saved from leaving, coming back to the site, we doubled the national average. 

Now would you like to get 200% more success? Just by implementing a simple strategy? Yeah. 

So the 10x Retargeting Funnel. 

Let me ask you. 

Can you see how this is different from what you're doing now? 

Can you see how we are hitting different interests over a 90 day period? 

Can you see how Pay Per Click would have cost $2000  for 49 new people to go to the site ?` 

So let me step out of the script for a second. So put 1 in the chat box if you can see how I'm getting my Yes' right here.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes.

I'm leveraging the value of why it cost $2000. 

But it would really cost more than $2000. Because most companies charge a management fee. And if you're spending $2000, they're probably gonna charge you $500 a month. So this means, for those 49 clicks, it would cost you $2500. 

So it's important to get the Yes'. But it's also important to get reference points of value. Value that this is completely different and nobody is doing it. So now we're gonna stack that with some other sites in just a second. So let's go a little bit deeper. 

So why are only Fortune 1000 companies doing this?

Well, to create 10 Ad Sets, it's $695 per set, it will be almost $7000 just for ads. 

And to manage 10 campaigns at $3 per month per campaign, that'll be $3000. 

So just a start, that's gonna be almost $10000 in just setup. 

And we haven't spent a dime on placing the ads yet.

So can you see how it's cost prohibitive for most companies?

So we have something very special for you... as our beta tester. 

We want to give you an advantage of the competition that you don't have right now. And for our special beta testers, I just got 1 question. 

You wanna dominate your competition? This is the 5th Yes that we're getting. So you do not move past this until you get a Yes. 

Do you want to dominate the competition? I know it sounds corny, I know it sounds <inaudible> But you must say it. So we're going back to script. 

So do you want to dominate your competition? Well, good, because we have the 10x Market Dominator package which is gonna create 3 offer ad sets for you. We're going to create 3 branding ad sets for you over $2000 of design. 

And then you already got 3 reputation ads, we're gonna create more for you. 

And then we're gonna set up all 10 retargeting campaigns over a 90 day period. So when someone comes to your site today, we're gonna follow them up with 10 different campaigns based on date and time over the next 90 days. 

Plus we're gonna give you up to 25,000 impressions per month.. which means these ads are gonna be in front of 25000 times they're gonna be up to online each and every month. 

That's over a $13000 package.

Plus if these ads don't convert.. because there are some ads that don't convert very well based on what you want. We're willing to replace up to 4 ad sets for you. 

So let's say it's a Reputation Ad with the Offer Ad or  you just got a different Offer that you wanna make. So we will literally redesign up to 4 of the 10 ad sets for you which is another $2800 in design work. 

So this is a $15,000 package. 

But we're gonna do it for you is a one time offer for our Beta Members only. And like $497 a month. That's it. No setup, no anything. We'll cover all the costs. but let's say the maximum 6 months only 1 spot. 

Actually I should say, minimum there. Minimum.

Now the reason I put maximum is because we can only do this for 6 months and you can put.. 

In this case, I'm putting minimum but the way you would use maximum is that you would say, uhm.. this price is only good for 6 months. And after that it'll go to normal pricing. 

Or put a minimum 6 months and then you can continue the pricing if you're comfortable with that. 

So put one in the chat box if you get that.  

There's maximum or minimum depending on what you wanna do. 

If you say, look I wanna charge a lot more later. Then put maximum 6 months. But we're gonna do it for this. 

If it's minimum... then you say, "Look, your minimum commitment. So either one you wanna do."

Good! Well, thanks for being a part of our Beta program. Looking forward to getting your feedback. We can't wait to share with our team. 

And this is what you'll give them after they say yes or after they're gone through the objections, after  you ask them if they're gonna say yes or no to your upsell, to your residual offer. Then you would want to give them a form to solve right here and you do not get off the call until you get the form done. 

You always need to get feedback. So that when you go through this whole process, you're getting 5 star reviews. There are very few people that are going to not give you a 5 star review after all the work that you put in there. Did that make sense? Yes? Alright. 

Well it's great training today. This has been an incredible series so far. I'm so excited that we can go this deep in helping you build your business. And more importantly, teaching you the principles that you can see that are validated to every single product in every single service, the same strategy over and over and over again. 

So once you get this trust message down, I tell you everything changes. You're invincible in the marketplace. But you gotta make the commitment and start giving these free ads away. Start giving the free Lead Magnets away. So you can get a lot of traction and be able to get the.. the uhm offer call, the setup call and the upsell call. 

Sounds good? Alright...

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