This is [Admin Name], how are you [Contact First Name]?

I’m the VP of Design at [Admin Company] and I was given a memo to call you regarding an Online Ad Banner that we are designing for you. I’m right in the middle of scheduling your design to be completed, but I had a few quick questions. Do you have a few moments?

[If: No I Don’t Have Time]

Ok. When is a good time that you’ll have 5 minutes I can call you back?

[If: Yes]

Great, well first let me say... our team is excited to work on this project. The response has been a little overwhelming to the offer, but that’s the reason we are doing this.  We want to give back and help businesses like yours to be more successful in getting more customers.  

So I’m going to assign this to one of our "Top Designers", but before I do, I just had a few questions. I’m on your website now. You’ve got some great products/services.

Q1. Is there a specific product or service that you would like to promote right now to get more sales?

Q2. Is there a specific discount or offer you want to advertise?

Q3. What about the “The Rule of Seven”: the idea that people need to see your marketing message "Seven times before they take action."  Are you doing ANY branding to stay in front of customers or website visitors to make sure they see you when you're ready to buy?

[SEED PLANT] You know a lot of businesses don’t.  I’m surprised because only about 4% of visitors that go to someone's website actually contact the company.  That means 96% of people aren’t ready to make a decision right then and there. So branding and staying in front of prospects can generate sales. It really helps to have your business in front of them when they are ready to make a decision.  Now I’m curious….

Q4. What type of online ads have you created before?

[If Yes]  Were the Ads Successful?  What did you market then?

Q5. Have you marketed ads on Facebook Or Any Other Sites?

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