Creating a funnel map is super easy. You will just need to go through these three easy steps that will be explained in this article.

Create A Funnel Map: Step 1

When creating a new funnel map, you will be given a couple of choices: 

First, you can build a template from scratch, which will take you to a blank slide so you can choose the order of the elements to be in.

The next option is by using the different ready-made templates to give you a complete starting point for creating your complete funnel map.

If you create from scratch, it will take you to this screen that will let you fill out some information about the funnel.

If you use the user template and view the funnel, it will take you to a page with a video that will explain the funnel and how it works, as well as the description that will help you identify if this template will be a fit for what you are looking for.

If it does fit your requirements, click the Copy This Funnel button.

Create A Funnel Map: Step 2

When building from scratch, you will be asked to put in the name of the funnel.

Next, select the type of funnel that you are building that will identify your funnel map and click Next Step.

Create A Funnel Map: Step 3

After you have created your funnel, it will show up in your Latest Funnel on your dashboard.

If you need to edit this funnel, you can hover your mouse over that funnel and click Edit Funnel.

You can also click the Options drop-down, which will let you edit, copy, or delete this funnel. Since we want to edit this funnel, we are going to select the Edit Funnel Info option.

When editing your funnel’s information, you will have the option to change this information:

If you are done editing the funnel’s information, click Save.

Once you have successfully saved the new information about your funnel, it will take you to the library, where it will show you all the changes that have been made.

If you are copying the funnel, it will show you the video that will provide all the information that you have just updated.

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