Now that you are done setting up your white label domain, let us work on launching your brand new, professionally designed agency websites. 

We divided this article into five parts. You can select a topic inside the drop-down below to jump on the topic that you wish to learn more about:

Choosing a Template

To choose a template, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Landing Pages tab.

Step 2. Click the New Page button.

Step 3. On this screen, you have two templates to choose from:

Step 4. Type in the name for your page.

Step 5. Select an Access Tag.

The Access Tags defines which funnel map template your new members will have access to when they sign up and log in to the software.

Step 6. If you select Case Study tag, anyone who becomes a member of your agency site will have access to the funnel map template with the Case Study tag.

By default, five templates are tagged with a Case Study tag. From your website, you just want to have access to the Case Study template to get them an idea of how they can adapt these processes to their businesses.

Step 7. If you want to get them access to more templates, just select additional tags from the list.

Step 8. Once you are done, hover your mouse over the agency template and click Select.

Step 9. The step above will take you to the site builder where you can easily and quickly customize your agency website.

Your Website Editor Features

Before you start customizing your website, let us go over the important features of your site editor.

On the left-hand side are the different blocks of the agency site template such as the Header Block, Cover Block, and many more.

To use the different features of your site editor, follow these steps:

Step 1. To edit these blocks, click on the cogwheel icon. 

Step 2. The step above will take you to the control tools for each block. The control tools allow you to change certain elements on that block. 

For example, you can change the background image by clicking on Edit.

Step 3. Select a different image from our built-in royalty-free Stock Gallery.

Step 4. You can also upload your image if you need to.

Step 5. Another helpful feature on the editor is the drag and drop functionality. You can easily rearrange the order of your blocks with the drag and drop tool. 

For example, if you want to showcase your amazing testimonials immediately after the Cover Block, you can drag and drop your Testimonial Block under the Cover Block. 

Step 6. To hide or unhide individual blocks, click the eye icon.

Step 7. If you want to add an exit tab or an HTML code for your chatbot, unhide the Custom HTML box. 

Step 8. Click Controls.

Step 9. Click Update.

Step 10. Paste your code and click Save.

Step 11. Your done-for-you agency website also comes fully mobile optimized. These buttons will show you what your site is going to look like from a mobile phone and a tablet.

Step 12. On the upper right-hand of the editor, is the Save button to save any customizations that you completed.

Step 13. To preview your new agency site, click Preview

Step 14. Your SSL is on us, and we will install the SSL certificate for you within 48 - 72 hours at no extra cost.

Customizing the Header Block

To customize the Header Block, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Header Color element to change the header background color.

Step 2. To hide or unhide your left logo, click the eye icon.

Step 3. You can also switch from text to image branding for your left branding.

Step 4. Click the eye icon to hide or unhide the text on the right-hand side.

Step 5. To edit the text here, click on the text area and update your text. 

From this tool, you can update your Font Style, Font Size, Font Color, etc.

Step 6. Once you are done updating your Header Block, you can go back to the Block section to update and customize the other blocks of your agency site.

Customizing the Cover Block

Here are the steps on how to customize the Cover Block:

Step 1. Click on the cogwheel icon of the Cover Block.

Step 2. To change the background image, click Edit.

Step 3. Click the Stock Gallery tab.

Step 4. Choose an image and click Select.

Step 5. Adjust the image and click the Insert button.

Step 6. In this example, you can see that the Optin Box is covering the image. 

You can fix this by switching to the Side by Side style to move the Optin Box on the right-hand side of your page.

Step 7. To change the text, click on the text area and make the necessary updates.

Step 8. To change your opt-in button, click the Button Color element, and select your desired color.

Step 9. Once you are done with the changes, click Save.

Step 10. Now, go to the Blocks section to update the other block of your website.

Step 11. Click the cogwheel icon of each of the blocks that you wish to update.

Step 12. Once you are done customizing your brand new agency website, click Save to save all the changes that you have done.

Selecting the White Label Domain for Your Website

To select a white labeled domain for your website, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go back to your Page Dashboard.

Step 2. Click Page Settings.

Step 3. On the Personalized URL field, from the Domain drop-down menu, select your white label domain for your agency site.

Step 4. Click Save.

Step 5. Click the View Page icon to see your actual brand new agency website.

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