Use this script to call the qualify the Decision Maker while also getting them to commit to the next meeting

Hi [Owner name],

I'm a Field Producer with (Your
We are producing an online episode for “Show Name” where we interview one expert on the topic of “How To Find The Best [Niche]”

We found there are 1000’s of people that go online looking for a [Niche: dentist Doctor etc] and we would like to produce a segment to educate consumers on this topic, and based on our internal research the last few weeks, out of the top 11 companies we thought you would be a great expert.

How long have you been in the industry?
Any idea what your reputation is online?

Our research shows:

  1. You have a good reputation but no video as the expert in the industry
  2. You don’t have a lot of online reviews and no video about your expertise in the industry

Our production expertise is reputation marketing and PR, and typically a segment like this would cost a few thousand dollars, but we are in beta right now, so this [Show Name] we are going to cover all the production costs of getting a spokes model to host the segment, as well as studio, graphics animation and editing.

Let me show you a similar segment

  1. Are you in front of your computer?
  2. Google “Company Name + City Reviews”
    “Dentist Singer Island” - [if you want to video the business]
    “Best Cosmetic Dentist Lake Park” [if you want an audio interview]
  3. What content do you notice on the page the most?
  4. I want you click on it and watch it but before you do, I want you to imagine 100’s of people that look for your business online and search for your services seeing an interview like this about you. Its only a few minutes, but go ahead and watch it.
  5. What do think a customer would do after watching the expert like that and seeing the phone number for them to call for help.
  6. How much did you think it costs to produce a CNN Style interview like that with spokes models, prime-time graphics, animation and turn it into a “Entertainment Tonight” type of expose?
  7. [ If they say “I don’t know” you say] If you did know, how much do you think it would cost?
  8. So preliminary we’d like to position you as the expert,
    We will need a few things from you if we agree to move forward... in return for covering all the production costs we will need:

FEATURE 1) We need your feedback, because this is part of an overall strategy to help local businesses with their Brand, Social Media, SEO, and Reputation and help businesses to get more customers.... we require each participant to learn how they can best use this interview for their marketing and give us feedback on their experience. Are you good with giving us your feedback?

FEATURE 2 ) We are looking for 3 Referrals Of Other Reputable Small Businesses That Can Be A Part Of The Beta. This will help us in building our portfolio of interviews. Sound good?

FEATURE 3) We've got some small syndication costs we can’t get around. Typically for optimizing and syndicating a video we would charge $500 - $700 But because this is in beta, we are asking just to help us cover some costs of [$199 - $299] to syndicate the video so we can broadcast it on Facebook, Youtube, twitter and other places online for customers to find. Sound Good?

Again, Typically a production like this would cost a lot but we are picking up all the production expenses, All we are asking is ONLY [$199 - $299] to help pay for some of the syndication costs.

Now before I approve the production costs, I have to understand 3 important things:

And this is the most important to me… Obviously we want to work with a company that has a good reputation. I’d like to takes some notes:
- What makes you unique in the marketplace? What do you do differently than you competition?
- What type of marketing are you doing to get message out?
- What are you spending a month trying to get your message out?
Sounds great. I think this will be a great interview. So the way we will do this interview is online, where we don’t even have to come to your office. We will film you through a dedicated video feed right from the camera in your computer. I’ll be writing a script outline for you to follow. When it comes to interviews everyone wants sound bites, so we’ll start by doing a dress rehearsal.

#2) Dress Rehearsal Scheduled

  1. We have some deadlines we have to meet, so I need to know when you have 30 minutes available for a DRESS REHEARSAL call. On this call we will:
  2. Set Up Your Computer Camera And Lighting and Framing you properly for the interview
    - What type of computer do you have? Does it have a webcam?
  3. We will spend about 15 minutes showing you how to best leverage the interview video
  4. I’ll have a script outline written for you, so all you’ll really need to do is read from a script
    - Have you been interviewed before? Well we will make it really easy for you and make
    you look like a rockstar!

What time on ______________ do you have available for the Dress Rehearsal on [48 Hours Later]

#3) FILM DAY Scheduled
So the last thing is Film Day. Where we will film the actual interview. The interview is only a few minutes, but we might want to have a few takes on it. So we’ll need about 45 minutes to make sure we get a great interview.
What time on ________________ the _________ do you have available for that call?

Ok I’ve got your scheduled for:
____________ at ___________ for a Pre-Production Call
____________at ___________ For technical Sign Off Meeting
Sounds like this is going to be a great segment. I’m excited we got a chance to talk. It seems like a great fit for what we are looking for as part of our Beta program.
I’ll send you an email with some notes from our conversation, what’s the best email for you? And direct number?

[OPTIONAL] Can you go to
You’ll see there scheduling page. That will come right to after you've finished it.
Can you just fill in your Name, Company Name, phone and email?
Great, just let me know when your done.

Next click “Next Step” so here’s where you cover the syndication costs.
Once you complete this, I’ll have everything set up on our end.
What questions do you have?

Great, I look forward to working with you, and if you have any questions, I’ll send my contact information in my follow up email for you.

Great, we will talk soon.