This article demonstrates how to set up a product in Stripe*. 

*For the purpose of this demonstration, we are going to use test data. Anytime that you are using a test account in Stripe, the products that you create or the subscriptions that you create will not show up on your production environment. 

Make sure that when you are ready to build up your production environment, toggle this to put you over to your live account. 


To setup a product in Stripe, follow these steps:

  1. Products are not visible when entering Stripe. First you must click on ‘Orders’ from the main menu which will show 'Products', click ‘Products’.


  1.  Click ‘New’.


  1.  Complete your product’s details.

This article is focusing on setting up a simple product without Attributes.  We will cover attributes in a future article. Also for the Product ID, Stripe will automatically generate this one for you.


  1.  We will uncheck the shippable checkbox.


  1.  Review your product details and click ‘Save’.


  1.  A newly added product is not a valid product yet and you need to add it to your inventory. In order to do that, click ‘Add SKU’.


  1.  Complete your SKU details and click ‘Add SKU’.


  1.  You will now have a valid product. 


In the next article we will review how to setup a Payment Gateway in Funnel Pages.