The following Masterclass covers Social Cover's Lead Magnets.

Below, please find the time stamps from the video to help you jump to particular topics which are covered in this Masterclass: 

[00:00:56] Social Covers Introduction

The social covers system represents a great opportunity to tap into a multi-million dollar industry and provide a simple solution for branding social media channels for clients.

[00:01:23] Principle: Social Covers Opportunity

There are multiple options for the Social covers that can be created:

[00:07:52] Q&A Question: How to sell Social Covers?

There are multiple strategies to offer a Social Cover:

[00:13:36] How to make residual income with Social Covers?

1. Reach out to leads through outbound marketing:

2. Follow these steps in the sales process:

  1. Send a Free Social Cover Offer to a prospect
  2. Follow up with the prospect 
  3. Read the Lead Magnet Script
  4. Deliver the Free Offer
  5. Offer a Trust Trigger Upgrade  
  6. Read the Trust Trigger Script
  7. Make the Trust Trigger Sale:  $199 - $499 1x Offer 
  8. Deliver the Trust Trigger
  9. Offer a Residual Offer 
  10. Read Upsell Residual Script
  11. Make the Residual Sale: $199 - $499 Residual

[00:19:27] Creating Lead Magnet and Split Test Walkthrough

See how to get a Social Cover created in just 7 minutes! 

NOTE: How to create a Social Cover? 

[00:53:44] Walkthrough for Using Lead Kahuna

Learn how to find leads with Lead Kahuna by setting up a keyword for an industry, or a location and then setting up the data points to put your lead generation on autopilot. 

[00:54:41] Walkthrough for Using Prospect Rocket

Learn how to use Prospect Rocket to send email campaigns, start prospecting, and book appointments to give away and sell Social Covers.

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