Email 3 Subjects:


Important Facebook Update You Are Not Aware Of

I’m Curious Why Your Facebook Still Hasn’t Been Updated

We still haven’t received your reply

The FB page for [Company Name] needs a new cover image

Did you fix the issue on your FB page?

RE: Your FB page issues…

Look at how your competitor’s Facebook page is so much better

Your competition has fixed their Facebook page… have you?

Do you want to leave your Facebook page messed up?

Fixing Your Facebook Image Could Strengthen Your Brand

Your Facebook Image Doesn’t Match Your Reputation Score

Should we close off your invitation?

Re your approval on your social media cover

Re: hard time getting a hold of you…

You’re hard to get a hold of

Deadline Tomorrow: Your Social Cover Goes Away Soon…

Is your FB fanpage cover image working as hard as you do?

More business from Facebook if you know what to do..

How your Facebook Page cover can bring you new customers

Crucial Facebook Change Most [category] are missing

Re : Great News .. Who is Ready for Follow-Up about deranged FB cover image ?

Following-up FB Warning .. why not fix the FB social cover goof to engage more viewers?

The world of Facebook has changed. Is your mobile cover still viable?

Check your Facebook account on your phone. Is that what you want to see?

 Email 3 COPY:


I need Your help to understand why You have not accepted my invitation to save $500  on a Professionally designed Social FB Cover Image that You could use on Your FB page to attract more patients. I've really had a hard time getting your attention and have you get a hold of me.  

To be clear, this $500 Social FB Cover Image we are creating is about branding your company as a "Market Leader" and we are underwriting all the costs to design it.

Because my Concept Team and Design Team already has this 1 spot open in our Beta Program and I’m responsible for filling it! I need to know if You want to take advantage of our wanting to help you change your non-stimulating “Huge Billboard” into an eye catching, informative, call to action, patient getting image...    

Link To Your Invitation [Campaign Link]

Just reply back to me and let me know “I’m In” or  “I have questions”

Again, Here is a reminder of Your current FB cover vs what You could have:




Go Grab Your Design here: and then click here to schedule an

Appointment so you can tell me which Should we focus on "5 Star Reputation" or an "Offer” you would like to promote? If you are not for sure we can figure it out together.

Either way You really need to get a hold of me today.


[Agency Owner Name]

[Online Marketing Agency Name]


P.S.  I’d like to add…  that one of the main reasons we are doing this beta is 61% of people view your Facebook page from their mobile phone, and your Social FB Cover Image is the wrong size.   

In about 30 seconds I can show you how to correct it.

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