Social Covers 5 Day Fire Sale 



Email 1 Subjects:

Your social media cover image is cut off

Wow we saw a really great review about you 

Your FB Page Image Is Broken

Something You Don’t Know About Your Facebook Listing

Look what FB Did to your social Cover

You can double your exposure with this trick / hack / update

This Recent Facebook Change Might Hurt Your Business

SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON Of Your Facebook Cover Image

Is Your FB Page Header Image Cropped on your Mobile?

Does Your FB Header Image Promote Your Business Effectively?

What Does Your FB Cover LookLike on Mobile?

Facebook Updates Have Major Impact

Your Facebook cover image looks messed up

Learn The Secret Facebook Doesn't Tell You About

The Biggest Mistake Business Are Making On Facebook

Avoid The Biggest Mistake Business Are Making On Facebook

Avoid The #1 Mistake Business Are Making On Facebook

Take The Facebook Test!

Get More Facebook Likes - Here’s an example of what work’s….

Get The Facebook Help You Definitely Need……..

Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg is doing with your Facebook page?

Have You Seen Your Face Book Cover?

Have You Seen Your LinkedIn Cover?

What Happened To Your LinkedIn Cover

This Is Missing From Your _____(Social Media, FB Cover; LI Cover etc)

Your Facebook has a problem

Facebook messed up your page

Your facebook isn’t working properly

Facebook has changed your mobile page cover image

Did Your Facebook Page Get The Chop?

[Heads Up] Facebook Made a Change That Could Hurt Your Business

Facebook Changed Your Business Page.Did you know?

What happened to your Facebook cover image?

Did You See What FB Did To Your Company Page?

Your FB Company Page Has A Problem

We Have The Fix For Your FB Company Page Problem

Facebook made changes and your fanpage cover photo is affected

Facebook did it again…  Changed your fan page cover image size….

Facebook gave your business to your competition.

Recent February Facebook changes hurts your business image

The Overlooked Secret That Will Help You Leap Ahead of Your Competitors On Facebook

Leap Ahead of Your Facebook Competitors With This Ninja Secret

Turn Your Facebook Page Into Your Own Billboard With This One Ninja Secret

Because You Have Great Reviews

[Warning..] Facebook Goofed Up your business social cover image - but you can jump ahead

GREAT NEWS .. Facebook Cover headers are deranged - But you have a competitive advantage  

Biggest Miss in Social Media History!

FaceBook change - did you take care of it?

99% of Facebook covers are wrong and mobile view is cut off.

Email 1 Copy:

Your cover image DOE

I wanted to email you first, because our research team looked at over 100 different businesses  and you came to the top of our list because of online reviews like this :

Like this review:

[Positive Review]

This week our design team has 1 opening in our schedule and we would like to create a $500 Social Media Cover to help you grow your business at no cost. There’s no catch.

Here’s The Recent Facebook Change Might Hurt Your Business…

When potential customers go to your social media, 50% of your page is covered by your “Social Media Cover.” This is your cover:




IT’S NOT tell everyone about your 5 STAR Reputation.

So I’d like (At No Cost) create a NEW Cover that might look something like this:

Again, there’s no catch, my team has some extra time this upcoming week and we would like to help a reputable company like yours.

Just “Reply” back to let me know if you would like to get more information.

Here are the steps to get “Social Media Cover” at no cost:

Step 1. Click here to see the designs [ LINK]

Step 2. Choose a design that you like the best

Step 3: That’s it. We will do all the rest.

We had some time free up this upcoming week, so this is a very limited

one time offer to help.

As I mentioned we have a big list of other [1st Category]s

that we could have contacted but we only have 1 spot available this week.

If you’re interested, just reply back to me today or click the link below:

Click Here To Choose A Design That You Like

We are looking forward to helping, 

[Agency Owner Name]

[Online Marketing Agency Name]


P.S. Click Here to see some Social Media Cover Image designs that I think

you will really like.

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