In this training, you will find a detailed overview and itemization of every service and package you can offer and fulfill in 5 minutes with the help of Rep Kahuna charging your customers for each of the packages anywhere from 399 to 1500 dollars a month!

There are 3 major areas in Rep Kahuna that offer various small services you can package up for your clients: 

Manage - to monitor and manage reviews, contacts, and reputation trends. 

Build - to ask for reviews, create request campaigns, set up sign-in forms and virtual clipboards, build the media center, etc

Market - spread the word about reputation via website marketing, social media marketing, create review pix and review pops and create review videos with the integration with Rep Videos.


1. Under manage, you can set up their directory listings for monitoring. 

IMPORTANT: Businesses that claim their free listings on at least 3 review sites earn 36% more revenue than average. 

 If your client doesn't have listings on review directories, you can offer a service of creating and optimizing them. 

Note: Not done inside of Rep Kahuna

Now, typically you would charge between $299 to $499, and then you would go to or you would go to a company like, that would set up the online review or online, directly.

2. Under manage you can set up 24/7 monitoring for $99 a month for up to 20 different directories.

The monitoring comes with alerts, but you don't have to actually, you can just do alerts for $299 for the year. 

3. Monthly Reputation Report - $299/year

4.  The employee training center for $199 a month. Any employee can be trained on the importance of Reputation online and ensure excellent service to build better reputation for the business.  


6. Respond to Reviews service - $199/mo

So the moment there is an alert about a good or bad review, you can respond to it. respond to all the good in all the bad reviews. 

building is a custom feedback page for $99 a month.

We're going to build a custom feedback page for you that you can use any time you want, any way you want. You send out your own emails, you do it, you put it in your signatures. You do whatever you want. But just to have that custom feedback page, it's $99 a month. Now at the end of the month, we're going to give you a report that shows your feedback, and then every time you get feedback, we're going to send you that feedback in an email, but we don't do anything else.

It's just a feedback.

So how has our monitoring system better than other monitoring systems online? You know, monitoring systems are pretty much a commodity, right? They're just a commodity. Like anyone can build a monitoring system. There's probably 15 to 20 new companies that come out with, you know, online review monitoring each and every month.

So this is the point is it to come on?

So you're never going to compete under, manage the way you're going to compete under managed as responding to reviews because that's a personal touch. Does that make sense, Sam? So Dallas says, what do you recommend for the number one directory listing service? What, uh, you know, I would ask, um, I probably ask, uh, inside the Facebook.

Because they pop up all the time. You have good experiences, bad experiences. So if you just want to say, Hey, if you know, uh, setting up listing directories, what's a good service to do that. Uh, others I've never got a Yelp or Google review and didn't get an email notification, uh, from the sites that I'm not too sure what that means.

Um, uh, but Yelp and Google, they have the, in an individual basis, they do allow you to, once you claim the listing to, um, you know, to, to get notifications of reviews. Okay. So let's keep moving up. So on bill, right, is a custom feedback page. You can create a survey campaign, you can create a custom survey and even email out that survey, if you want it to for $99.

You can do a customer signing page. Now this isn't going to get reviews. It's just for signing form. Right? So there's three different services you could have based on the feedback page, customer signing and survey campaigns, then you've got your media center, right? So remember the media center we talked about at $49 a month, allowing them to actually go in and customize any type of, um, design they want.

Or they can do, you can do promotional campaigns say, look, anyone that you would like us to set up, promotion out to you, give us the list and we will put them in our system and send them out a monthly promotion. So inside rep kahuna, you have what's called offer pages. And these offer pages are mobile optimized pages.

And as well as campaigns that you can actually send our offers. So the whole idea is if someone leaves a review. For you then at the end of the month, you could send them an offer to turn that five star review into an opportunity to make more money. And we get the marketing. Now, there are really three major types of marketing.

One is a video, which everybody knows in line. When we get in great detail about sets 3 99 a month, we would take your reviews that you get in each and every day that come back and we actually post them to your website. Or blog 14 is now we take those same reviews and we put them in a text as well as a professional design image, some all over social media and then reputation retargeting, which we take your top reviews once a month.

And then we pixel everyone that comes to your website. And up to 5,000 times, we will show your five-star reputation to the people that actually came to your site. And remind them that you're the most reputable company to do business with.

So you got 15 solid strategies for reputation. Can you see why you're invincible in the marketplace?

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