Congratulations on your Traffic Fuel & Ad Kahuna Purchase! You made a GREAT decision joining the program. And, as an Offline Sharks member, you are also entitled to a very SPECIAL bonus pack.


These resources are available in various locations, so to make it nice and easy, we've placed the all in one location for reference.

Bonus 1: Agency In A Box

Bonus 2: Ad Kahuna Pro

You have immediate access to our incredible banner ad creation platform! This software and all the templates will be accessible via your member's area, using the access details included in your welcome email. 

Bonus 3: Immersion Training & Bootcamp

This POWERFUL, hand on, training series will help you hit the ground running! 

The FULL series can be immediately accessed on demand.

Bonus 4: Time Lapse Retargeting

Your Traffic Fuel Account has been enabled with our Time Lapse Targeting Feature!   Target phone IDs back in time! 

You can find out more about Time Lapse Retargeting at the resource here:  Setting up a Time Lapse Campaign 

Bonus 5: Cold Traffic Audiences & Templates

Bonus 6: 5 DWY Fulfillment Credits

Scheduling your DWY sessions is quick and easy! To find out more about how to schedule your DWY Sessions, click the link below. 

Find out more about DWY Sessions