Once you have successfully set up both your Agency, you can now start building your Agency Funnel.  This article is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Agency Website.  You can also follow along with this article, which has the video overview.  

Please see this article:  Step 2: Setting Up My Agency Funnel

 Follow these steps to create your Agency Funnel:

Adding A Funnel

  1.  Click ‘Add Funnel’.
  2.  Type the Agency Name.
  3. Choose a business.

  4. Click ‘Next Step’. 
  5. Choose your goal. 
  6. Select your site page.
  7. Select how you need your funnel to be built.
    Selecting Funnel Template lets you use the template that we already made for you. If in case you want to make your own template, select ‘Scratch’.
  8. Click 'Next Step'.
  9. Select Agency Website as your template and click ‘Create My Funnel’.
  10. Click 'Edit Page'.
  11. This will bring you to the Page Builder. What you see now is a generic template. This needs to be custom branded using your company’s information.

Customizing Your Page Using The Page Builder

  1.  Add your company’s logo by clicking the cog icon.

  2. Click 'Edit'.
  3. Select the ‘My Gallery’ tab and click ‘Upload Image’. Once you have uploaded your logo, click the image and click ‘Insert'.
  4. Update all tags to your information such as your company’s Phone Number, Email Address, etc.

  5.  Next, set up your buttons. To start setting it up, click the cog icon. 
    You will have multiple buttons in your page so it necessary to set up them all.
  6. Click 'Edit'.
  7. Type the name of the button.

  8.  Select an Action Type and Next Funnel Step.

  9. Click ‘Next’.

  10.  This next section lets you select the fields that you want to show up on your page. You are also able to change the actual popup elements by adding compelling questions and changing the button title.

  11.  Go to the ‘Design’ tab and use the different controls from there so you can design how you popup looks like.

  12. Once you are done, click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next wizard.
  13.  Enable ‘Send Email’ to receive email confirmation.
  14. Type the Subject and Body. Once you are done, click ‘Next’.

  15.  Enable Automation if you want to add an automation to your optin. Once you are done, click ‘Save’.
    Note: You can only enable an automation if you have set up an integration in Funnel Pages.
  16.  Next, update your Testimonials.

  17.  Upload your videos by clicking the update button.

  18.  You can add YouTube links, Vimeo, Wistia, or add a Custom Embed from here. Click ‘Save’ to update your video.

  19. Click 'Save'.
  20. Click the back arrow.

Setting Up Your Thank You Page

  1.  Click ‘Edit Page’.

  2.  This will be the Thank You page that an individual will see after they have opted in. Please change all applicable fields as well.

  3.  When this button is colored green you can now click ‘Edit’ under the button controls.

  4.  Change the button details if needed then click ‘Next’.

  5.  Insert the URL address to where you want an individual to be redirected. Click ‘Finish’ once you are done.
  6. Click ‘Save’.

  7. Click the back arrow.
  8. Click ‘Save.'