Ad Kahuna gives you the ability to save a template, which saves you time. To save a template, you need to create a tag and tag a Banner Set. 

How to Create a Tag

  1. From the Dashboard, click Settings

  2. Click My Templates.

  3. Click Manage Tags

  4. Click + Add New Tag, which creates a new tag. Tagging is a powerful feature that helps you organize all your Banner Ads. 
  5. Type the name of your tag.
  6. Select a banner category where you want to apply the new tag. To add more banner categories, repeat this step.
  7. Type your tag’s description and click Save.

How to Tag a Template 

  1. From the Dashboard, click Business Contacts.
  2. Select a Business Contact.

  3. Click the Ad Groups tab.

  4. Click the Save As Template icon ().

  5. Type the name of your Ad Template.

  6. Select your template’s category and tag.

  7. Click Save to create your new template.
  8. Click Ok, I Got It

💡 Click Settings > My Templates > Dashboard to verify your new template.