The Campaign Dashboard displays all the campaigns you have created in Prospect Rocket. We have added improvements into the Campaign Dashboard so you are able to see all details about your campaigns and at the same time fully control each of them. To access your Campaigns Dashboard, simply click  Campaigns found on the Left Navigation Pane.



This is the ID of the campaign that you have created.



This displays the name of the campaign that you have created. You can click "CAMPAIGN 1" to arrange the campaign alphabetically. Click it once again to start from the last campaign if you need to.


Email Type

This is the type of the email that is being used whether it is a Marketing or Optin Email. Click the "EMAIL TYPE 1" to view all your Marketing Email then click it once again if you want to view your Optin Email.



The statuses of your campaigns is Active, Completed, Paused and Drafts. Here are the explanation on each status:


  1. Draft -  You get a Draft Campaign if you have a campaign that is not fully setup. It could be in Draft Mode because the campaign has not yet been saved or it has a missing body on it (no subject or body). It also in this mode if you do not have enough Marketing Emails or Optin Emails setup to send that campaign out
  2. Paused - This is the campaign that you ran at some point and you decided to hit the Pause button on it. At any time you can pause an active campaign by just hitting the Pause button under the Actions column. There will be no emails will be sent on that campaign until you unpause it and get it start again.
  3. Completed - These are campaigns where every contact that you have added to it has ran through the entirety of the sequence.
  4. Active - These are campaigns that are either scheduled to send or they are currently running which means that these contact that you have added to the campaign that are currently on that multiday sequence of getting your emails.

🛈 You can also check this area to quickly view the total Active, Completed, Paused and Draft Campaigns that you currently have.



This is the total contacts that are in the campaign.


Active Contacts

This is the total Active Contacts that are currently running through that sequence.


Publish Date

The Publish Date is the date that you have actually created that campaign. If you want to view an older campaign, click "PUBLISH DATE".



This enables you to fully manage your campaigns in just a click of a button. You can Pause, Activate, Edit, go the Analytics Area and Delete a campaign using the different actions available.

  1. Pause - Click to be able to pause a campaign.
  2. Activate - Click if you want to re-enable a paused campaign again.
  3. Campaign Dashboard - Click to if you want to go to your Analytics Area so that you can see the overview on how your campaigns are performing. This will also let you add Campaign Automations and then get you to the Pixel tab
  4. Remove - Click if you want to delete a campaign from your list.



Using filters gives you the ability to filter down what you want to be displayed on your list. So let us say you just want to see all the Active Campaign then just hit Active as your filter. If you want to see all the Marketing Emails you have got, hit Marketing as your filter.


Templates Tab

Use the Templates Tab to access your templates. All Admin, Personal and Shared Templates are listed here.


🛈 You can also use the Filter tab to be able to filter the templates that you want to see.