If you want to add tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, the Multiple Contacts Campaign lets you do that. You can upload a list of customers or clients in CSV, Excel, or Text Format.

Wizard Step 1: Importing Your List

The first step step of the Request Campaign setup is importing your contact list. To start importing your list, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the merchant’s dashboard, hover your mouse over the Add Contacts tab and select Import Your List

Step 2. For demonstration purposes, we will be selecting the Current Campaign tab.

Step 3. Select a current campaign that you want to use.

Step 4. Upload your contacts using the Upload button.

Step 5. Toggle the campaign where you want to send these contacts.

Tick the permission checkbox if you have permission to send marketing content to these contacts and confirm that they are customers of your company.

Step 6. Review all the information that you have set up and click Next Step.

Wizard Step 2: Mapping Fields

Once you have successfully imported your contact list, mapping your data fields in Rep Kahuna is the next step. To start mapping your data fields, follow these steps: 

Step 1. This next step is very straightforward. You need to map the data from your list to the fields of Rep Kahuna.

Step 2. Once you are done mapping all fields, click Next Step.

Wizard Step 3: Adding Touches to Your Campaign

The next step is updating the Email and SMS sequences of your campaign. There are three Emails and three SMS sequences that you can edit. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. Update the Email and SMS Sequences of your campaign if necessary. You have three Emails, and three SMS touches by default. 

Step 2. To add more touches, click the Add Touch button. 

You can only add up to 10 touches per campaign sequence.

Step 3. For better results, you can test the touches you have and send the actual message to yourself.

Step 4. Review your campaign sequence, and once everything is ready, click Next Step.

Wizard Step 4: Setting Up Your Abandon Campaign

Here are the steps on how to update your Abandon Campaign:

Step 1. Edit the necessary changes that you want for each touch.

This next wizard has the same set up from the previous wizard step except that you are setting up touches whenever a user does not respond to your campaign. You have two emails, and two SMS touches by default.

Step 2. To add more touches, click the Add Touch button.

Step 3. Review all the sequence of your Abandon Campaign, and if everything is ready, click Next.

Wizard Step 5: Confirming Your Settings

Confirming your campaign settings is the last step when setting up your Request Campaign. To finalize your setup, follow these steps:

Step 1. This last wizard step will provide you an overview of all the settings you have created for this campaign. Set the schedule on when you want to start your campaign.

Step 2. Set the Request Drip Rate (optional).

A drip rate is the total number of emails sent each day.

Step 3. Review all the details carefully, and once you are done, click Start Campaign.

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