Who is getting all your business???  

Let us show you what small changes can help you win more business and beat your competitors.  Among the biggest reasons you're not yet #1 are a low citation count, inaccurate listings, poor website optimization, and too few reviews or bad reviews.  

We are happy to help to improve all of those categories to boost your business' ranking and help you beat your competition.


Building your brand and getting more customers requires your business to not only be listed on all the major directories but your information needs to be 100% accurate.  

Below you will find what sites need your attention.  Plus, see how your online reviews and reputation on these sites are reflecting on your business to potential customers. 


Your Business' online VISIBILITY is what drives more customers to your door!  

This Visibility Summary shows whether or not your company information is listed ACCURATELY online, 

Being listed on all the directories ensures thousands of potential customers are able to find YOUR company easily.


Over 90% of customers decide whether or not they will choose a company based on their reviews, making it critically important to have as many 5-star reviews as possible. 

Consumers trust businesses with at least 6 to 10 reviews in the directory they search.  So if you have 10 reviews on Google and only 1 on Yellow Pages, you need to spend some time getting more reviews on your yellow pages listing. 

For example: If a consumer is on Yelp it doesn’t matter that you might have a 5-star reputation on other directories like Yellow pages or Google. This consumer is in the buying mood right now and if you don’t have a good reputation on the directory they are currently searching they’ll be calling your competition instead of you.

Let’s put it this way, 5-star reviews are like little diamonds for your business, the more you have, the more brilliant your business shines on each directory… and the more likely it is that customers will come running to YOUR business over the competition.


Why is video visibility important in driving more business to your door? Because people looking for your business LOVE videos and videos converts new customers like crazy.

For example... Over 90% of consumers watched a video last week... and 96% of those consumers say that the video helped them make a decision.  When over 90% of your market wants something you need to give it to them.

So, what does that mean for your business?  It means you need to leverage the power of video so potential customers find your videos….

1. When they search on Google and other search engines

2. On the homepage of your website

3. On YouTube when they are searching for information about you

A little tip, the best videos are ones that position your company as the expert in your industry and promote your 5-star reputation. The more videos you have the more you will easily be able to reach your target market.


Nobody likes to know they have negative reviews.  If you think there's nothing you can do about negative reviews, we can help.  Here are two strategies….

First, it's important to hide the negative reviews as quickly as possible to avoid hurting your business' reputation.  The way to hide the negative reviews is by replacing them with glowing reviews that keep all of your most recent reviews positive.  And the good news is we can help you do that on autopilot! 

Second, it’s important to ensure those negative reviews don’t even have the opportunity to go online.  We can help you do this by giving your customers’ ability to leave their feedback for you directly before they go to other online platforms.  

To take control of your reputation, contact us today and we will show you exactly how to create a feedback system that will improve your online reputation.


Is your branding consistent and engaging?  To stand out in the marketplace, you need to have good brand presence, consistency, and engagement across all the social media networks.

Below you will find a report on both social media brand consistency and engagement.


Are you using the latest and greatest strategies to increase retargeting, and drastically improve the conversion rate for website visitors by following your audience all around the web?  

Contact us today and we will review your traffic strategy and show you how you can focus your efforts to 10x your web traffic conversion! 


Our website review and SEO audit gives you insight into how to outrank your competition and get in front of more prospects for your business.  

Nearly 70% of website visitors are viewing your site through their mobile phones.  So your site has to look good on a desktop and it has to be stunning on their mobile phone.  

It also needs to load fast!  

Furthermore, there are about 14 major SEO factors that you need to ensure your home page has.  Good news - we've listed these down below!  

Fixing these little things can start growing your business fast.  For help correcting these errors, just click the button at the bottom of the section or the "fix now" and we will be happy to help!