Access your Video  Scripts Here

Each script consists of an AI model Open, Close, and Outro section. Use these sections within your AI spokesmodel videos to create powerful sales videos. 

Video Examples For Each Script:

You can use these as examples to show potential clients, and get an idea about the kind of video you can create with these scripts without spending any credits to do so. 

Cosmetic Surgery

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Emergency Plumbing

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Personal Injury Attorney

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Screen Printing

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Auto Detailing

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Tips For Creating Sales Videos:

Using custom photos in your videos that match the business or city you are targeting can make a world of difference. 

Try using a different voice in the review segment of the video to read the review itself. 

Don't forget to customize your calls to action!

Tips For Working With AI Voice:

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to improve the quality of the results you get from AI Voice.

When you are modifying your AI scripts it can be helpful to introduce additional periods (.) and commas (,) into the script if you feel a natural pause is missing. 

Avoid repeating words over and over again because they can sound robotic. 

When you are needing to provide a phone number you should consider spelling it out. You can also spell multiple numbers in different ways. For instance 5455 might sound robotic because of so many fives in a row. But "fifty four fifty five" might sound more natural. 

Try to pick a voice that looks like it could match the model. Experiment with different accents as well. Sometimes a british or UK accent can sound really good for a US video. 

Never use a foreign language in the wrong voice. 

The tool will not translate language. You must write in the language you are trying to create.