In this next Masterclass Training video, David continues to lecture the second part of Rep Videos Quick Start Training.

Quick Start Training

Review: Companies you do Business with script

5 minute decision maker script

Schedule of Dates - #1 Pre-production call

1. So I need to know when you have about 45 minutes available for a pre-production call. On this call we will:

2. We will give you a brief overview of the review commercial.

3. We will need to get your company branding colors.

4. Logo

5. Identify the best review to highlight.

6. Get your social media information for syndicating the video and at that time we can get the 3 referrals from you that you think would want this type of exposure and a few other details.



2. Review the video with you for technical accuracy, for you to sign off on it.

3. Go through a reputation marketing strategy with you and how to best position the review commercial.

4.Get your feedback on the process and few other details.

Quick Review: Rep Videos Core Offering Strategies

Quick Review: The Perfect 3 Step Reputation Marketing Strategy

Manage Reputation

Build Reputation

Market Reputation

Quick Review: Our proprietary reputation marketing process “Reputation Kahuna”

Feedback Reviews

Online Reviews

Quick Review: RepVideos – 6 Ways Can Sell “Review Videos”

1. Trust Trigger Strategy (Foot in the Door)

2. Upsell Strategy

3. Closing Strategy

4. Residual Strategy

5. Referral Strategy

6. One Off Strategy

7. Retention Strategy

Quick Review: Principle: Getting Clients Fast – Trust Trigger Product

A small standalone product that over delivers on value and compliments your core offering.

Quick Review: 3 Step “Trust Trigger Process – Presentation

Step 1: All presentations reveal a problem. [Educate]

Step 2: All presentations reveal a solution. [Strategy]

Step 3: All presentations end by asking for a proposal. [Sell]

Quick Review: 3 Step “Trust Trigger Process”

1. Make the “Offer” (Trust Trigger Product)

2. Schedule a “Setup Meeting” (Part 1 Presentation: Educate)

Schedule A “Delivery Meeting” (Part 2 Presentation Strategy)

LIVE Conversation with Melanie

Don’t innovate. Just imitate what I do. –David Sprague

LIVE Conversation with Glenn

Quick Review: Rep Videos Quick Start Steps: 5 Customers on 5 days

1. Companies you’ve done business with.

2. Call them as a customer.

1. Give 1st 2 videos for FREE.

1. Upsell them for $99 a month for 12 months.

2. Sell rest for $299 + referrals & review.

3. Upsell them for $299 a month for 12 months

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