We have focused on improving Rep Kahuna, Rep Videos, Local Analyzer and Ad Kahuna this week. 

Here are the highlights of the latest updates: 

Rep Kahuna: 

- New Feedback pages BETA update: New feedback pages were improved: elements like the text on Leave a Review button,  the titles of the feedback page and survey, the steps on the page are all editable in real time now.  

- Galleries Update: We improved the way the galleries are working for the external users and now it’s only possible to see and select the images that the user has permission to see.

-Feedback Pages Custom Video update: We improved the way custom videos are saved when setting up Feedback pages and Positive and Negative response page. Now it’s easier to replace the stock video available by default.

- Sms Notifications Update: We sped up the time of delivery of the SMS messages from the system to the customer.

- Google Plus url update: Google Plus links connected to Rep Kahuna Social accounts were adjusted according to the latest update from Google plus platform.

- Google Plus for Rep Reports: We improved Reputation Reports to show Google Plus data under Reputation Marketing Analysis tab.

- Campaigns Emails delivery update: Improved the way the campaigns on Rep Kahuna are sending out emails. Now if the emails on the campaign have been turned off after the campaign has been started, it stops emails immediately without getting through the campaign’s full cycle. Learn how to Ensure the Email Deliverability HERE

- New Rep Reports BETA PDF: Now New Reputation Reports Users can download a PDF of the report for presentation purposes.

Local Analyzer

Alerts Update: We have improved the alerts on the first notification from the Report scan. 

Reports Update: Reports older than 4 months will not be counted towards the number of the scans allowed for one business. 

Ad Kahuna

The branding image can now be saved alongside with the text for the header of the Agency Landing page. 

Rep Videos  

Expose Updated  the way the Expert name and title is posted into the lower third.