We focused on Reputation Kahuna, fixing the website setup preview. We made minor improvements to Social Covers, Ad Kahuna, and Rep Videos.

Review the highlights below!  

Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We ensured that new reviewer’s names post to Google and Facebook.
  2. We made sure that you can see all your CRM contacts from your Feedback Inbox.
  3. We improved the functionality of the website setup preview.
  4. We resolved an issue where the content of the submission email was replaced with a disclaimer.

Social Covers:

  1. We updated the hyperlink in the automated email from info@socialcovers.com.

Ad Kahuna:

  1. We resolved an ad creation issue where the content was visible, but the content’s button was unable to be hidden.

Rep Videos:

We increased the functionality of the preview of Expose Video’s functionality in Rep Videos. Click here to learn about Expose Videos.