We focused on Reputation Kahuna, ensuring that you can publicly post reviews to Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. We made minor improvements to Expose Videos, Local Analyzer, and Ad Kahuna.

Review the highlights below!

Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We Improved the posting capabilities to Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. Click here to learn how to post a review publicly to Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. We improved the negative feedback notifications
  3. We improved the reputation reports to show the proper data for Sign in forms
  4. We improved the captcha capabilities for the feedback pages

Expose Videos:

  1. We increased the functionality of preview video button.

Local Analyzer:

  1. We improved the way the white label domain defaults are set up .

Ad Kahuna

  1. We improved the Ad Kahuna Widgets to allow the seamless integration with the SSL websites.