Last week we have focused on new updates for Local Analyzer, Rep Kahuna, Social Covers and Ad Kahuna. 

Here are the latest highlights: 

Local Analyzer

  1.  - Improved the category search on Maps Ranking Section in Local Analyzer Report. Learn about Maps Ranking Section HERE
  2. - Improved the Confirmation set up to save properly. Learn how to set up your Confirmation page in Local Analyzer HERE
  3. - Updated Help Buttons in Local Analyzer
  4. - Added the Contacts tab to the landing pages. Learn how to see your leads and contacts HERE
  5. - Improved the notifications for the new landing pages allowing to only set up emails and not both email and the phone number. 
  6. - Improved the main dashboard of Local Analyzer. Learn more about the main dashboard HERE 
  7. - Improved the landing pages headers styles
  8. - Updated the Re-targeting tab on Landing Pages dashboard. Learn about re-targeting HERE
  9. - Grouped views by IP Address for the landing pages. Learn about views and stats for Landing Pages HERE 
  10. - Updated the color selections for the header in the Reports for Local Analyzer
  11. - Default page was updated. Learn more about the templates in the Local Analyzer HERE

Rep Kahuna

  1. - Updated the Star Default set up under Layout Option. Learn more how to update the feedback Layout HERE
  2. - Improved the Negative response page for the Rating feedback page
  3. - Improved the address block on  new feedback pages to not show the zip code with address is not selected. Learn more about Feedback pages HERE 
  4. - Improved Inactive companies to stop all services when inactive
  5. - Added the ability to delete the rep reports. Learn More about Rep Reports HERE 
  6. - Updated the training videos in Rep Kahuna
  7. - Sign in forms contact records were updated to include the user and merge the information with the existing record if the user has been added to the system previously
  8. - Improved the tokens for social connections email when the white label is set up. Learn more about White Label HERE 

Social Covers

  1. - Improved the preview of the Facebook images in the Social Post set up. Learn more about automation in Social covers HERE
  2. - Improved the display of the Image selection pop-up for smaller screens
  3. - Grouped views by IP Address for the landing pages. Learn about views and stats for Landing Pages HERE
  4. - Logos quality has been improved when uploaded to the social covers  Learn about editing social covers HERE
  5. - Improved the background remover to allow to properly save the updated image

Ad Kahuna

  1. - Added the help videos to ad kahuna
  2. - Improved the Ad Template #71 to show better on the 300x50 size. Learn how to create ad banners HERE