Last week we have primarily focused on the major update to the Automation in Local Analyzer.

Now the Automation tab is available on the Landing Page dashboard with the full integration capability with Prospect Rocket, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Aweber and others. You have control over campaigns you need to send your leads to, the triggers, activities and tags, in other words everything that would help you effectively manage every prospect that comes in.  

Learn all about how to set up your Automation in Local Analyzer HERE 

In the mean time we also made other minor improvements in Local Analyzer, Rep Kahuna, Ad Kahuna and Social Covers. 

Here are the main highlights: 

Local Analyzer: 

  1. Improved the way the Landing pages are being saved: now it's saving way faster! 
  2. Improved the Maps Ranking section allowing to use the special characters in categories and locations
  3. Added new Templates to the Landing Pages List: Check out all 20 designs!
  4. Improved the way Local Analyzer pulls the business category from google for the maps ranking section. Learn more about Maps Ranking Section HERE 

Rep Kahuna: 

  1. Improved  the Hidden reviews functionality in the Feedback Inbox. Learn more HERE
  2. Improved the custom links added to directories list on Feedback pages
  3. Improved the “Create Report”  area so it’s easier to customize the report tabs
  4. Minor design updates to the Reputation Reports

Ad Kahuna

  1. Improved the Media Gallery for easier selections of the videos

Social Covers

  1. Improved the way the tall portrait cover photo for facebook cover shows on side-by-side view
  2. Improved the Social Connect email to show the white label domain links
  3. Improved the way the white label domain pages display on secure connection (https)
  4. Improved the Media Set up on Landing pages