We focused on Ad Viddy, updating several features. We worked on minor improvements to Ad Kahuna and Lead Kahuna.   


Review the highlights below!


Ad Kahuna:

  1. We improved the editing tools for motion ads’ functionality. Click here to learn more about motion ads in Ad Kahuna.
  2. We fixed an issue with the crop tool.


Lead Kahuna:

  1. We resolved an issue with the research Leads column mapping.
  2. We fixed an issue with Groupon Leads.


Ad Viddy:

  1. We updated the Ad Viddy Lead Notification Email.
  2. We updated the SEO options for best ranking results
  3. We applied a circle crop to improve a template's appearance.
  4. We added a feature that allows you to alphabetize your businesses.
  5. We improved the layout of Landing Pages on mobile devices.   
  6. We added scripts to Ad Viddy. Click here to learn more about Ad Viddy’s scripts.