We have focused on getting new features added to Social Covers and making minor updates to Ad Kahuna and Rep Kahuna Last week. 

See what exciting changes we have to offer! 

Social Covers

Notifications: We introduced the new Notifications system for lead alerts for agencies and for automation for agencies  and clients. Learn more about this exciting update HERE 

Landing Pages Update: We updated Background Image editor on the Benefit Content Boxes to allow for the image to be cropped in a desired way to showcase a certain area of the image. 

Google Plus was updated on the Side by side preview of social covers and the Preview on the Cover Automation Panel. Now it’s pulling the cover automatically once the business is set up and the google plus link is found online. Also the size of the preview box is adjusted to accommodate for newer and older profile images on google plus. 

Google Plus and Linked In were added to the automated posting queue. 

Automatic Refresh on the Previews: We improved the way the previews refresh. Now they automatically update with the addition of each social media connection on the Social Media Tab. 

Covers names: Name formats were updated for Social Covers, now showing each social media on every size in a set.

Ad Kahuna

Lead Wizard Unique Urls: We added the unique identifiers for the Lead Wizard Pages. Now you can use the unique url easily when setting up your retargeting campaign and pixels. Learn more HERE

Rep Kahuna:

Rep Reports notifications: We improved the way the reports in rep kahuna are being sent to the clients in order to prevent multiple reports at the same time.