Last week we focused our attention on the Social Covers Improvements and minor updates to Rep Kahuna, Local Analyzer, Ad Kahuna and Rep Videos. 

See the last weeks exciting highlights! 

Social Covers: 

Social Covers Leads Redirection: Improved the Confirmation page to include the custom redirection link and updated the button appearance

Social Covers Landing Pages Mobile Preview: Improved the Mobile preview for the landing pages with large fonts and lots of content. Learn how to quickly set up landing pages HERE

Autosave for Social Covers Landing Pages: Now the updates to the landing pages are saved automatically and there is an option to revert to last saved version of the page in case if you had to reset your latest changes.

Side by Side Preview Update: Google plus was added to the preview and draft side by side. Learn more about Side by side view HERE

Leads update: We improved the saving process of leads on Social Covers to allow for successful registration of the leads in the social covers system

Leads Contact: We updated the email to allow for more domains like .website, .club etc to be accepted

Rep Kahuna:

Logo Resize Update: We added 6:1 ratio option to allow for the upload of the rectangular logos

Countries set up fo Rep Reports: Google score for Canada is updated to show on the One time report

Rep Reports Beta update:  6 months trail is addedto  the Rep Reports

Rep Videos

Expose update: Volume Adjustments was improved to match with the spokesmodels video

Local Analyzer

Infusionsoft Integration updates: we improved the save feature of the proper tags for campaigns


Ad Kahuna and Social Covers

Business Categories were updated to add the Marketing, Reputation Marketing and “Other”