We have focused our efforts on getting the new White Label Update for Multiple domains on Social Covers, Local Analyzer and Ad Kahuna allowing to set up a separate domain for different landing pages. We also introduced Limited spots feature for Social Covers! We also made minor improvements in Ad Kahuna, Local Analyzer and Rep Kahuna. 

Here are some highlights!

Ad Kahuna 

  1. More Spokes models videos added to the video gallery in Ad Kahuna including UK and AU spokes models

 Local Analyzer

  1. Improved the Confirmation page for Landing pages to save the edits
  2. Improved styles for buttons on pop ups for the reports and landing pages

 Rep Kahuna

  1. Resolved issues with connecting to Flickr
  2. Improved the survey editing capabilities on the Feedback pages
  3. Removed the video from the second step of the Feedback page to allow for more focused approach and cleaner view of the page on mobile devices