We focused on Reputation Kahuna, making sure that several issues were resolved. We applied minor updates to Ad Viddy and Local Analyzer.


Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We updated the second step in the Feedback Page Workflow. 
  2. We added the review token to Thank You campaigns that were created from the Contacts menu.
  3. We improved Save feature for Survey Pages.
  4. We improved the Signature Creation for the users of Rep Kahuna.
  5. We improved the way the Feedback Pages are seen on Samsung devices.


Ad Viddy:

  1. We verified that Leads are automatically added to Get Response Account Lists.  
  2. We improved the filtering options for Businesses.


Local Analyzer:

  1. We improved the widget automations for Mailchimp. Click here to learn more about Local Analyzer Integrations.  
  2. We updated the way Infusionsoft is integrated with Local Analyzer to allow for tags to populate and get selected.